EWM association

European Women in Mathematics is an international association of women working in the field of mathematics in Europe. EWM aims at:

  • encouraging women to study mathematics
  • supporting women in their careers
  • providing a meeting place for like-minded people
  • promoting scientific communication
  • cooperating with groups and organizations with similar goals
  • giving prominence and visibility to women mathematicians
  • spreading their vision of mathematics and science

Founded in 1986, EWM has several hundred members and coordinators in over 30 European countries. Every other year, EWM holds a general meeting and a summer school. A newsletter is published at least twice a year, EWM has a website, a facebook group and an e-mail network (person in charge Katrin Letschke from the standing committee).

Several videos have been produced by EWM, such as  Women in Mathematics Movie Part I, Part II and Part III.

If you want to join us, register here. Once you are registered, you can pay your fees, details here.

It is also possible to make a donation without becoming member,  details here.

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  INDAM Meeting of European Women in Mathematics: the 17th EWM General Meeting Venue and dates: Il Palazzone in Cortona (Italy). Arrival day is sunday, august 30. The conference will start monday... Read more
For more infiormation see book distributed during the meting. EWM contribution to ICWM panel. International Congress of Women Mathematicians in Seoul. The International Congress of Women... Read more
The aim is to establish of a Slovak Group of Women in Mathematics – an official body dealing with gender issues, hidden forms of invisible discrimination and under-representation of women in decision... Read more
The Association for Turkish Women in Maths is organizing its second workshop. The workshop will take place at Cumhuriyet University, Sivas, Turkey, from May 01 to May 03, 2015. You may find more... Read more
Information: http://www.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/~agricola/rauisch2015/index.html


Tunisian  Women Mathematician's Association (TWMA created in 2015) Steering Committee (consisting of 5 Members): President: Saima Khenissy, Lecturer (saima [dot] khenissygmail [dot] com (saima [dot]... Read more
The Executive Committee  of the International Mathematical Union decided to establish a committee on women and mathematics of the IMU. The name of the committee is  Committee for Women in Mathematics... Read more
Questions of gender (Questioni di genere)  L.Giacardi, E.Strickland, S.Terracini, moderated by Ciro Ciliberto during the Congress of IMU in Siena  7-12 september 2015
The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad is an international mathematics competition similar in style to the International Mathematical Olympiad, with two papers taken on consecutive days.... Read more
It All Adds Up: Celebrating Women Across the Mathematical Sciences In 2015, the London Mathematical Society's annual Women in Maths day will be expanded to four days, as part of the LMS150th... Read more
EWM is proud to bring the warmest congratulations to our former EWM convenor, Marie-Francoise Roy, who receives the honor of the french Ordre National du Merite. Moreover, she will awarded with a PhD... Read more
The Math Days for girls, now well established in France, will also take place in Dakar on 7 March 2015, as a Science Day for girls. This event is a collaboration between the French association... Read more
EWM and the EMS Women in Mathematics Committee are pleased to invite proposals for a one week summer school at the Institut Mittag Leffler in Stockholm in summer 2016. There are places for up to... Read more
Call for nominations of five speakers in the EWM minisymposium at the ECM 2016 in Berlin We  invite all members of EWM to submit nominations for one (or more) among five distinguished speakers for... Read more
From 16 to 18 july 2015. First conference of AWMA  (African Women in Mathematics Association). See the flyer and reports on former meetings: Muizenberg 2013, Ouagadougou 2012.
 Tuesday 21 October 2014 in London. Aim :  provide individuals and departments with knowledge and tools they can use to improve recruitment and retention of women in mathematics, with particular ... Read more
Newsletter 25 (2014/2) edited by Sara Munday and Jasmin Raissy In this issue, we advertise the upcoming 17th EWM general meeting, and have an interesting report from the recent ICWM in Seoul,... Read more
Women, Science and the Royal Society; Open Access Research Link to broadcast Duration:  30 minutes First broadcast:   Thursday 02 October 2014 Royal Society investigates the... Read more
Program (in french) of a scientific meeting held in that occasion on 3 october 2014. Mathématiquement, Elles. Une rencontre scientifique à l'occasion de la remise de la légion d'honneur à Sylvie... Read more
During summer 2014, the women at the School of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Nottingham decided to make some videos to promote women in maths, in particular academia, like a mini ad... Read more
The recipients of the Fields Medal  2014 have been announced on 13 august  at ICM Seoul with brief citations. For the first time, there is a female recipient : Maryam Mirzakhani The other reicpients... Read more
In March 2013  the  Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union (IMU)  approved the establishment of an Advisory Group for  Women in Mathematics, charged with creating and overseeing... Read more
 “in recognition of her leading contributions to hyperbolic geometry and symbolic dynamics, and of the major impact of her numerous initiatives towards the advancement of women in mathematics”. ... Read more