Frequently asked questions

Page containing  information on thefmost frequently asked questions we have about EWM, EWM membership, and the use of this website. If you have more questions  please contact us.

1) I want to become EWM member what should I do ?

If you want to join us, register here.

EWM members can launch or participate to forum discussions.

2) How do I pay my annual fees ?

You decide your self your catefory of fees: high, normal, low. You can pay your fees by three possible methods

- by using the cart that appears in the right column when you are logged in. You do not need to have a paypal account, you can use simply your credit card. Unless you want to use your paypal account, you can choose paypal and pay directly with your credit card, without creating a paypal account.

- by paying directly to


Beneficiary Name: EWM

Currency: EUR

IBAN: FI8216523500218071 SWIFT/BIC: NDEAFIHH

-by contacting the coordinator in your country, specially if`you would prefer to pay in a currency other than euros. Members of the London Mathematical Society can pay their fees in GBP through the LMS, see here for details.

3 I have an old paypal account that I never use but it prevented me to pay my fees with my credit cart

You can suppress your paypal account. by yourself or by contacting paypal.

4) I notice that there is no EWM coordinator in my country, what should I do ?

If you are interested or you know someone that would be interested, please contact us.

5) I do not want to be a EWM member but I want to receive information about EWM activities.

You can consult on a regular basis our website and  subscribe  to our newsletters

- EWM Newsletter appear twice a year

- EWM info gives short infos about meetings, positions,

6) I want to support EWM without being a member

It is  possible to make a donation without becoming member, using one of the three methods in 2).