Women in math - Portraits

These portraits are often extracted from EWM Newsletters. They also include individual portraits coming from Women Mathematicians around the World, a Gallery of Portraits.

Name Country of birth Country of studies Country of residencesort descending
Alicia Dickenstein Argentina Argentina Argentina
Karin Baur Confédération Helvétique Confédération Helvétique Austria
Barbara Kaltenbacher Austria Austria Austria
Cheryl Praeger Australia Australia Australia
Marie Françoise Ouedraogo Burkina Faso France Burkina Faso
Stefka Bouyuklieva Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria
Christiane Rousseau Canada Canada Canada
Minping Qian China China China
Yang Jie China United States China
Dongmei Xiao China China China
Luz Myriam Echeverry Colombia France Colombia
Katrin Wendland Deutschland Deutschland Deutschland
Oksana Yakimova Russia Russia Deutschland
Gert-Martin Greuel Deutschland Deutschland Deutschland
Noel Tovia Matoff United States Deutschland Deutschland
Sylvie Paycha Great Britain France Deutschland
Sara Azzali Italy Italy Deutschland
Irina Kmit Ukraine Ukraine Deutschland
Bodil Branner Denmark Denmark Denmark
Lisbeth Fajstrup Denmark Denmark Denmark